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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AquaponicS The combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics This tank could be thing that can decorate your house and you also get organic vegetable too Factthis project have agriculture theme so first i don't know what to do then i hear about "aquaponics" it sound interesting to me so i decide to research about it ideait a tank that have 2 layers first layer is fish tank second layer is place to plant vegetablethen use LED light to conpensate sunlight and use water pump to pump water to watering the plants Learning issueThis term i learn many thing like how to plan our workhow to solve the problemabout structureelectric circuitand many thing Action planThis term we have less time to do project so sometime we don't have enough time to finish projectweek 1-3 design and plant vetgetableweek 4-8 work about all structure and system partweek 9-10 experiment part and solve all problemweek 11 Exhibition!!! Main system in this tankLED light system i connect 2 LED light in parallel circuitwater pump first time i connect it with relays but i don't know why so i need to change water pump. i use water pump to create oxygen and watering plants plant experiment i decide to use Chinese mustard green because it is the easiest vegetable to plant and they grow very fast. Control parti decide to use remote to control pump and LED First i went to use sensor to control LED too but sensor and remote can't work together Next stepif you want to continue this project you can add filter to filter the waste because now i have problem about water BY; Farm Rak & Farm Kids: Energineering house ; Ramanya Donmaya
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