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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ponce de leon DOB- September 23 in 63 B.C DOD- August 19 in 14 B.C Language- Latin Trading- Slaves, pottery, salt, metals, clothing, weapons, and wine Population Estimate56,000,000 Alex Le Julius Caesar, his great-uncle, took an interest in Augustus and adopted him. Caesar became the first Roman Emporor after defeating the armies of Cleopatra VII and Marc Antony, who also want to take control of the Roman Empire. Under his rule the Roman Empire was porsperous and peaceful. - Turn Rome in a monarchy - Put an end to a long civil wars Julius Caesar defeats Pompey to become dictator of Rome45 B.C Colosseum ponce de leon ponce de leon 1474 1474-to 1521 Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorerwho claimed lands for the Spanish king and queen. At first he was a soldier and a leader.His first exploration was going to the new world with Christopher Columbus onhis second journey. later ponce de Leon established a colonel called Puerto RicoThen he helped the Spaniards win a battle against the taino indians on the island ofHispaniola. in his older years ponce Deleon tried to find the fountain of youth but along the way he found the gulf stream which is a current that makes ships move faster. his lastjourney was leading the first exploration toFlorida but then he died by a poison arrowin 1521. he was famous and known from allthe people from Puerto Rico because of hisbravery and exploring double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. born in spain in 1774 double click to change this title text! died by a poison arrow in Florida in 1521 settled in spain andstarted claiming lands for thespanish king and queen born in spain in 1474 his first explorationwas withColumbus to going to the new world then years laterhe helped the spaniardswhen a battle against thepeople of hispaniola then he tried to find the fountain of youth but failedbut then he found the gulf stream led the first explorationto flordia died by apoise arrow in Florida in 1521 founded the countryof Puerto rico
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