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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This graph shows how much we polluted the waterways from 1988-2001 Humans dump several million tons of waste into the ocean each year( plastic, milk cartons, oil bags, cloth, etc.) How Much Pollution Gets Dumped in the Ocean Every Year? How Can Pollution and Trash Hurt Animals double click to change this header text! How Trash Effect Sea Animals? Trash laying around can lead to animals being killed. Water animals can be killed by discarded fishing lines catching the neck, legs, and wings of upcoming waterfowl such as swans or moorhens. A fishing hook could get stuck in a birds throat and that could lead to it bleeding out. Many sea animals often suffer from lead poisoning from swallowing lead fishing weights. Trash can also disable some of the sea animals abilities (a plastic bag could get on a duck and make it drown). Just like the oil spill in 2010, there were many animals with disabled abilities because the oil was covering them. You are walking on the beach and you see a seagull covered in oil and you think, "poor thing", how could I help you? There are many ways to stop this. This animal is struggling because the net is not allowing him to breath. How Trash Effects Land Animals? When we throw rubbish and litter on the ground then animals are not as that smart as humans so animals think its food and start eating it and then the more litter that the animals eat goes into their stomach. Since most animals can not digest trash then it stays in the body until one day the stomach has so much litter that the animal ends up dying.
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