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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Interest Groups THIRD PARTIES Political Parties vs MAKING PUBLIC POLICY STRUCTURE TWO-PARTY SYSTEM PRIMARY GOAL -single-issue party-economic protest party-ideological party-splinter party -Issue identification-Agenda setting-Policy formulation-Adoption-Implementaion-Evalution WHAT INTEREST GROUPS TO AMERICANS JOIN? WHY DO PEOPLE JOIN? HOW DO INTEREST GROUPS INFLUENCE POLICY? -recruit candidates and support campaigns-help organize elections and inform voters-organize the government-unite diverse interests and make collective action possible-serve as a loyal opposition to the political party in power Local, State, National In the United States, we have a two-party system. Our two parties are the Democratsand the Republicans The primary goal of a politicalparty is to get their candidateselected into office WHAT DO THEY DO? Interest groups promote their interests -economic interest groups-citizen groups-foreign policy groups-education groups-envi