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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 practices Cartoons Best and worst Worst Practices 88 Pulitzer Prizeshave been awardedsince 1922 forPolitical Cartoons Satiricalor Offensive? -Honest in some way-Perspective-Visually stimulating-Easy to read-Documents history -Grabs attention of audience -Point not always clear-Can cross line into being offensive-Hard to tell what/who subject is-Focuses more on intended audience-Audience may not have necessarybackground knowledge to understand History The first known politicalcartoon dates back to1754 when BenjaminFranklin urged coloniststo "Join or Die" duringthe French Indian War Charlie Hebdo was amagazine in Francethat included politicalcartoons. Becauseof the controversialnature of their editorials,they offended some radical Muslims. The staff was recently attackedresulting in 12 deaths. Political Cartoons are visual editorialsreferring to political events, people, policies or controversial things that are going on in the world. Best Practices double click to change this title text! Political SondraClaire SellersProject 1 Notable Features -Color-Black and White-Recognizable-Exaggerated for satire -Artwork-Poster/Propaganda-Makes a point-About current world events Notice how both cartoonshave Obama's featuresexaggerated to add tothe humor. However, bothsend a message of criticismon his policy and presidency.Both cartoons also use labelsto help the reader understand what is going on in the picture. Why are political cartoons used? -For Satire-To make a point-An intriguing way to make people think -To talk about controversial events-To be blunt -To reach a certain audience-To mock ourselves
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