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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Polar Bears Adaptation Strong Swimmers Polar bears travel to about 10 kmp.The bears swim constantly for about 100km.Thats how they catch pray. Layers of fatTheir fat is up to 11cm thick insultes from the bears.From the Artic cold.Overheating might occur, to prevent overheating bears move slowly, and rest often. ColorWhen people come to hunt polar bears the bears camouflage against the ice andhides their black nose with their paws. Winter timeFor Polar Bears its hard to get food.They also lose weight in winter easily.Andmale polar bears try to get hunt for seals, and food.While females nurse their baby cubes.And if people aretrying to hunt the Polar Bears will attake. Polar Bears Stiff HairTheir hair protects bears fromthe cold,and protects traction on the ice.And it helps from bears slipping on the ice.Then the hair usally shakes free from and water or ice formed after swimming.And under their fur its black. ShelterTheir shelter is formed from deep winds and unbroken by big trees or vegetation. Ears The Polar bears ears prevent water from entering the bears ear drums.Also their ears conserves body warmth in sub-zero temputur. Summer timeA Polar bear rides on a summer sea-ice off Norway&39.It could be ice free in summer time by mid-century.In the Articocean,sea ice has been melting earlier and faster.But in winter freeze has been coming later.In 1979 the extentof summer ice has declined by about 30%.
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