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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comparison of Poetry Analysis DONATE Elementary Student double click to change this title text! Adult 9th Grade Girl (15 year old) I have never felt so at ease as the day you called me precociousI have never feared big wordsOnly those who refuse to use themAnd the syllables rolled off your tongue like honeyI was hooked Language became the vein of our communicationAnd I know that everyone uses language to communicateBut ours was differentAs if in between the letters and the syllablesThere was a secret message that we could only decipher. And when I asked you whyYou said it was because almost held failed potential,That it represented our ability to be just good enough,That we had come to the brink of something beautiful,But fell short so many times we crafted a word for it. But even we with our supposed mastery of the English language,We were not immune to the shortcomings of our vocabularies.Words can only help you if you speak them.I never told you that I loved you.You never told me you were dying.Five easy words that would have shattered our world:I love you, I thinkI have a brain tumor My days were filled with the sound of you voiceYour nights were littered with the loops of my handwriting.We exchanged our favorite words,Mine being illuminated and yours being cattywampus.And our least favorites,Mine moist, and yours almost "Almosts" By Bianca Phipps I have interviewed an adult, and elementary student and someone my age to compare their poetry analysis from the poem above. 9th Grader Response Question 1: What does this poem make you feel?This poem makes me think Question 2: What do you think this poem expresses?Question 3: Have you ever been in a similar situation than the woman in the poem? If yes, when?Question 4: Have you lost someone close to you that you love?Question 5: After reading this poem, the author lets us appreciate the people that we have and love. What does this make you reflect?Question 6: Do you think that the mood is happy or depressive? The response has shallow thought. Meaning that they do not have too many experiences to relate to. They also use simple words and simple answers. Do not have a lot of experience Convey feelings into their responses and relate them to real life situations They go more "outside the box"and share situations that are moreunique because each of their lives are at a different stage and have gone in a different direction. Her response is much more mature than the elementary student. However, she mentions that it was sad for her that she lost her dog, when the adult mentioned that they have been through a lot of deaths of people close to them. The adult also goes to another level of relfection. Elementary Student Response This poem makes me feel lucky because I havent experienced a human loss and I and thankful for that. I will appreciate everyone who is around me because you never know when they will go. I believe this poem expresses deep emotion of love and sacrifice. The woman tell us how she loved this man and he sadly left him because of a tumor. It also expresses loss because she lost the love of her life. I have been lied to because they thought it was for my own good or to protect me from the real and bad reasons but it is not fair. I should be able to decide whether or not I should know the information that they are keeping from me. But I have not experienced a secret that big.Yes. It was actually not that big of a deal but when I was 10 years old my closest friend was my dog and she died so I was very sad. I always will remember her.This poem makes me reflect how many people could die any second and how we should appreciate them for what they are and how we love them so much. I will try to be more close to the people I love and make the best out of situations. I believe that this mood is depressed because she is telling us how her love of her life died and didnt even told her that he had a brain tumor. This story is very sad and beautiful at the same time. She suffered a lot because of him but she really loved him so she forgave him. This response clearly shows that the person is much more experienced and that has learned a lot from life. She expresses in much deeper thought than the other two interviewees. She brings up ideas that only an experiencedperson could know. This poem makes me think that communication is important and it is true what she said that without it a relationship couldnt work.I think this poem expresses how communication is the base for every good relationship so it can work. No, I have never been in a situation like that.Yes, my grandparent died four years ago and I still miss him. I see that in any relationship, communication is very good to express our emotionsand feelings.I think that it has both moods because the in the good side, they noticed that they needed more communication but onthe other hand it was depressive because they died. This poem leaves me speechless and heartbroken because I really have felt the sadness that the author is going through. It leaves me kind of sad but at the same time happy because she is writing a poem to express her feelings. I feel that the person who wrote this poem used such strong words to represent their anguish and taking her feelings out on such an elaborate poem.I have never been in a similar situation because I have really learned that communicating with people is the best way to never have any regrets. I think the woman in the poem lacked communication with the person she loved.I cant even count with my fingers the people that have died that I love so much. The closest people in my life that I have lost are my grandmother and my aunt. They were the hardest situations I have dealt with. I can relate very much with this poem because my own aunt had a brain tumor, it was a horrible experience. The difference in our situations, is that we had so much communication that we had a strong relationship, even without words we understood what we meant.It is essential to tell people that you love them and cherish them because they go away so fast without knowing it. The poem speaks about how much communication they both have, which is a happy thought. However, they never expressed the most important things in their hearts that lead them to a situation that is quite depressive. Adult Response By: Ivana Marcos
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