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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 my site P&R Analytics Monthly Newsletter February, 2015 Key Wins "Thanks for your effort, commitment and support. Mohit and Vaibhav has been very instrumental in making this process a great success, there are some very good positive comments from RL team during my discussion today." To increase collaboration between teams across locations, on 2/27, a virtual townhall was organized. Teams across 5 locations of India participated through Tandberg and shared their thoughts and questions. P&R and CIMET leadership shared business updates of 2014 and goals for 2015. Virtual Townhall P&RVarsity Non linear Solutions No doubt industry knowledge is key ingredient for success of analytics solutions, specially for a cluster like P&R which serves multiple Industries. eLearning courses for Domain trainings have been designed and made available to associates through Cognizant Academy. Following Industries have been covered so far : Retail, CG, Manlog, T&H. For more information contact Voice of Customer Cluster Initiatives Customer: PepsiCoProject Name: Analytics FactoryObjective of the engagement is to setup analytics factory for the customer. As a starting point, a core team has been identified to start immediately and assist the PAC (PepsiCo Analytics Center ) team in specific projects. Cognizant's responsibilities are: 1. Repetitive and proven analysis 2. Assist in developing industry standard processes aimed streamlining analytics development3. Ideate and develop user modules that will allow users to perform additional analysis and generate different scenarios4. Provide additional capabilities when required Did you know ? P&R analytics cluster serves all of the following industries: Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, logistics, Travel and Hospitality, Energy and Utilities. From Hari's Desk From Sam's Desk Currently most P&R projects are delivered to customers in one-off mode. In order to leverage knowledge from past projects, P&R cluster has taken an initiative to build non linear solutions based on solutions previously delivered. Following solutions havebeen shortlisted and are in wireframedevelopment stage: Demand forecasting, Shrink analytics, Space Optimization, Market Basket analysis Top 5 Logos Number of logos: 45Headcount : 87Number of projets: 75 Focus Account of the Month Industry Contributions Org Update Welcome Aboard Narayani Venkatesh Dixit Bangalore 46Chennai 9Gurgaon 8Mumbai 1Pune 1Kolkata 2 Location Wise Strength Account Updates Heating degree day (HDD) is a measure for energy needed to heat a building. Lower the outside air temperature, higher the HDD. HDD is one of the key input to forecast energy requirement of a building. There is a similar measure called Cooling Degree days (CDD) which determines energy needed to cool a building. Term of the month Somasundaram Vadivelu, Cognizant Account Manager, Ralph Lauren "Swapna / Sachin, Just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in delivering Market basket analysis. it was a great learning opportunity for me in working with you. Thanks again" Prasanna, IT, Dunkin Donuts At a glance Narayani has over 15 years of extensive experience in the areas of operations, pre-sales, delivery, business analytics, reporting, marketing research, consulting, strategizing etc. in Retail and CPG domains.Her core skills include Consulting, Solutioning, Business Operations and Delivery management in areas of Business Analytics and Market Research.
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