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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pneumonia Pneumonia SYMPTOMS:-coughing*-fever-chills-shortness of breath-stabbing chest pain-headache-loss of appetite-low energy-fatigue-confusion**-sweat-rapid breathing-weakness-blue coloration in lips and nails***-wheezing *some variations may cause mucus and blood as well**more common in the elderly***due to lack of oxygen in the blood TREATMENT:note: treatment varies based on the type and severity of the individual case.At Home Treatments:-drink plenty of fluids-get a lot of rest-do NOT take self prescribed cough medicines-control feverHospitalized Treatment:-controlled fluids and antibiotics added into veins-oxygen therapy-breathing treatments. DIAGNOSIS:-physical exam-chest x-ray-CBC blood test-CT or CAT scan of chest-pleural fluid culture-pulse oximetry-bronchoscopy PROGNOSIS:Child/adolescent- recovery within a weekMiddle aged person- may take weeks before strength and health returnElderly/hospitalized/those with additional health complications- 1 in 10-20 will diePeople with severe cases- almost 50% of will die home hospital mucus, fluid, and blood cells in the alveoli Q: What does pneumonia affect?A: Pneumonia affects the Respiratory System.The primary job of therespiratory system is to control the exchange of gases within the body. However, when infectedwith Pneumonia the transfer of gasses is clogged by excess substances or fluids in the alveoli. Affects on the Respiratory System *see bibliography doc. for resources* About 5.6 million Americans contractpneumonia every year Pneumonia is deadly! Megan UozumiMs. HerndonBiology 2 Streptococcus Pneumoniae Viral & Bacterial double click to change this header text! Vaccine is approximately $50 to $70 for children and $25 to $50 for adults Vaccine is approximately $50 to $70 for children and $25 to $50 for adults
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