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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Start Living Your Best Life Now Million+ Challenge 10 Point Personal Lifestyle Development Pledge ~Today I Pledge to Me~ Today I Pledge to Be Honest with myself & others as I understand that honesty takes Courage & will lead me to more fulfilling relationships within my Life!!! Today I Pledge to Live in the Now & while planning for Tomorrow I will be Grateful for Today & all the Great moments within it!!! Today I Pledge to Be my Absolute Best Self by doing the things that bring me the most Joy & in turn I will Inspire others to do the same!!! Today I Pledge to Trust God/Universe/Source & my Higher Self by Tuning in & Following their Guidance through my Intuition which is my direct connect to them!!! Today I Pledge to Believe in the Possibilities of Life rather than to Linger in the Presence of thoughts, people, places & things that are Beneath me!!! Today I Pledge to Be Better than yesterday; to see it as a teacher Guiding me through the classrooms of Life Today & Preparing me for the Opportunities of Tomorrow!!! Today I Pledge to Lead by Example in everything I do & to Encourage others to do the same as I know that together We can Change the World simply by Individually being our Greatest Selves!!! Today I Pledge to Let Go of the Past, Be Grateful for the Present & to Embrace the Unknowing of the Future because I know that I am constantly Evolving into my Higher Self!!! Today I Pledge to Love myself as if I was my own Lover & in that I will Teach others how to Treat & Love me as well!!! Today I Pledge to Do what I can Now & to stop Procrastinating my Dreams for days that are not promised to me so that I can Live a Fuller Life based upon theindividual Desires of my Heart which are only there because God/Universe/Source put them there & I have an Obligation as well as a Responsibility to Explore them!!! Start Living Your Best Life Million+ Challenge 10 Point Personal Development Pledge was developed by Realism Hargrave
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