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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20 40 60 80 40 45 50 55 60 Day15 Day 16 Day 18 Day 21 Seeds in petri dish Seeds in pot Seed Germination Lab Research Question:Would planting two seedstogether increase or decreaseplant growth? Hypothesis:If two plants are plantedtogether, then it will growless than the pot with one seed. Shaela Vidano Experimental Design:Planting two seeds togetherin one pot and one seedI the other is an accurate way to test the hypothesis.Variables: dependent: soil amount, pot size, type of plant, amount of water,frequency of waterindependent: amount of seedsplanted Observation: As the seedsgrow, the height can bemeasured. This is a good way of tracking the growth of theseeds. Also the color changesas some of the seeds die. This being another way ofmeasuring the plant growth. Journal: Day 2:longest=6mmDay 3: longest=30mmDay 5:longest=76mmDay 8: First day out of the petridish and in pots. All plantsalmost dead.Day 9: All plants dead exceptA(exp)and C(cont). (shown in lower chart A=dark blue&C=light blue)Day 10: All plants dead exceptA and C.Day 12: A=35mm and C=40mmDay 15: A=40mm and C=45mmDay 16: A=45mm and C=50mmDay 18: A=50mm and C=45mmDay 21: A=60mm, 5 leaves and C=55mm,4 leaves Repetition: For this experiment,the only repetition is the repeatin results. To further proveor disprove the hypothesis,we could have retested the plant growth. Collect Data: For this experiment,the data collected was life and heightin millimeters. During the lab, the plants grew at different rates and my group measured the tallest and shortest by using the metrics system.We also measured the life and death of the plants after the change from petridish to pot. Data:(skip to pot)Control plant(A):Days 8-10: lasted through plantingDay 12:35mmDay 15:40mmDay 16:45mmDay 18:50mmDay 21:60mm& 5leavesExperimental Plant(C):Days 8-10:lasted throughplantingDay 12:40mmDay 15:45mmDay 16:50mmDay 18:45mmDay 21:55mm& 4leaves Charts and graphs in corners.During the growth period,data charts where made to track growth. The data collectedis found in the two separategraphs on this project. Materials:-pots-1-1 soil-tweezers-seeds-fertilizer pellets-water-light source Procedure:1. Fill pots with soil 1-1 soiland add 3 fertilizer pellets2. Using tweezers place 1germinated seed in each pot3. Cover seed with a thin layer of soil *don't pack down*4. Water gently until water dripsout of the bottom5. Put plant under chosen light source6. Water daily and record dataFor Experimental:All steps the same except 2 seedsin each pot instead of 1 Results: The plants in both groupshad a constant growth rate of5mm per day. After the 2 week growth period, the control group led in height up until the last fewdays. The control plant began todie and the experimental took over the position of tallest plant. Conclusion: The crowding played a key factor in the difference in height in the beginning of the lab. Thiswould have proved the hypothesis ture if not for the change during the last three days. The experimentalplant outgrew the controlthus proving the hypothesis untrue. Application: This information can be usedas a way to help gardenersdecide how to plant theirflowers, vegitables, fruit, ext. Resources: The only resources Iused were my data collected, my knowledge learned in our textbooks, and what help ourteacher provided us with.
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