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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pit bulls: Friend or Foe!? Places that have active pitbull bans:*Denver Colorado May 9, 2005*Sioux City Iowa September 15, 2008*Overland Park Kansas*Union County Kentucky January 1, 2008*Prince Georges County Maryland 1996*Livingston County May 20, 2008 Michigan *Melvindale April 4, 1990 Michigan*Springfield April 13, 2006 Missouri*Kearney Missouri*Youngstown January 10, 1999 Ohio*Garfield Heights October 24, 2007 Ohio*Pawtucket January 1, 2004 Rhode Island*Delta City Utah*Springville City Utah*Royal City January 12, 2007 Washington*Enumclaw Washington *Wheeling January 17, 2006 West Virginia Pit Bull Facts*Pit Bull is not a breed, but there is 20 different breeds that are considered "pit bulls".*some of the most common breeds are American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, American bulldog, bull mastiffs, and boxers.*Pit bulls do NOT have locking jaws, they have jaws just like any other dog.* Pit bulls are generally healthy, and easy to care for.*Pit bulls are loyal to their owners. Fun and Interesting facts about pit bulls*Pit bulls predate the United States-they were bred from England, and were brought to America by the settlers.*Pit bulls were on the cover of Life magazine three times. More than any other dog.* "Petey" the dog from "The Little Rascals"*Pit bulls have served as guide and service dogs for wheel-chair bound paraplegics. Pit bulls are not the only ones with a mean bite! Here are a few others:*St. Bernard*Great Dane*Chow Chow*Doberman Pinscher* Malamute*Wolf-dog Hybrid*Husky*German Shepphard*Rottweiler Pit bulls are just as sweet, caring, and loyal as the Labrador down the street.
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