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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Piano Did you know: The piano contains 88 keys and has a musical range of more than seven octaves. The piano has been popular for many years and still is very current in today's music. Overall, the piano has and continues to play a very significant role in the music culture. The piano is related to other historical instruments including the spinet and the harpisichord. Famous piano composers includeLudwig Van Beethoven and Muzio Clementi, which are both fromthe classical period. The piano does not belong toone specific family. The piano is a string and a percussion instrumentbecause it has strings, but is struck by hammers which suggests it would be apercussion instrument. The piano makes sound by the strings within itbeing struck by an objectcalled hammers. The pitch of the piano is determined by the length,tension and density ofthe strings inside the piano. For example, alighter string, under moretension, that is shorter, which then vibrates faster, would have a higher pitch. The sound of the piano is amplified, or made louder, by string sensing. This sendsa signal through the amplifiers, which makes is sound louder. The piano is made of materials such as, hardwood, metal, rubber, wool, and plastic. The pitch and sound of the piano is connected to previouslabs that have been conducted in class because when we changed the material, length, and tension of the string inlab 5.5 The Sound of Waves,the sound and pitch of the string changed just like the piano's strings when the piano is played. McKenna PetersonPeriod: 7 Fun Fact: The piano is referred to as "The King of Instruments"
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