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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Empowering young dancers to become culturally knowledgeable through body movements, and torelease the stress from everyday's life.Through thisdance class,all dancers who have involved will be able to create a dance routine using the song thatthey choose, and will be able to think creatively. GIA DANCE CALORIES BURNT IN 30 MIN 173 192 130 288 189 210 BOOST BRAIN POWER HEALTH BENEFITS FLEXIBILITY ENCHANCED SOCIAL LIFE SENSE OF WELL-BEING STRENGTH Victorian Photograhy ENDURANCE DANCE STYLE INCREASED RELAXATION HIGH SELF-CONFIDENCE TRADITIONAL BREAK DANCE TANGO HIP HOP MODERN DANCE Dancers are elite athletes as well as artists. They follow a rigorous training regime and must stay in top condition, just like professional athletes such as basketball or hockey players.Dancers have extraordinary flexibility, muscular strength andbothphysical and mental endurance. Professional dancerstrain and practice every day for an average of six hours. Many also cross-train with cardio, weight lifting, yoga and/or Pilates to improve their physical fitness and technique. QUICK FACT DANCERS ARE ATHLETES SOCIAL BENEFITS 116 lbs Global Issues Arts of Dance is an extra-curricular activity at Sinarmas World Academy. GIADance focuses on Hip Hop and Modern dance. We are one of the Global Issues Arts branches - the other GIA are photography, video making, and visual arts. We open our class every Monday after school, from 3-4pm, and an additional practice at Wednesday lunch.
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