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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Ways Can Help Your Phone Survive Accidents? Read This Infograph to Find Out! We all have those times where we slip, fall, or even crash, and our phone pays the price. Our Info-graph is here to help you with those problems, instead of looking up strategies online. Here are the tips. By using these tips, you can even find out what phone is the most durable and best for you! Water Impact OverHeating Phone Durability Tips Created by, Evelyn RileyEliza Ellery Who hasn't had that time where you accidentally drop your phone in water? This is a tip that could save your wet phone. By placing your phone in a bag rice, it will suck out the moisture inside of it.Do this for 48 hours and, Presto! Your phone is saved! This has even worked for us! This next trick can help prevent or fix yourphone from a hard hit from the ground.One way to prevent yourself from dropping your expensive phone is... putting it in a safe place. Keeping your phone in a purse and or pocket can savemoney and save your phone. Is your phone to hot? Well, we can help you with that. By avoiding direct sunlight, turn off unused apps, turnyour brightness down, turn it to airplane mode, and if it's already over heating, take your case off! Sources are..TIME,,Arusion Blog SummaryAll of these tips have led us to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the number 1 durable phone for you!
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