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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The education between couples (equal characteristics or needs) and the community participation are tools of work orientated to the promotion of healthy ways of life; the sexual and reproductive health; prevention of the undue use of drugs (lawfuland illicit drugs); reduction of the stigma and the discrimination; the education for the peace and the pacific conviviality, including the respect to the environment. Programme of Fundamental Principles and Humanitarian Values This program spreads the doctrine of Red Cross. It promotes the Humanitarian International Law and the Human rights to a inter institutional level, with prio-rity actors as Armed Forces and State police and social organizations; it offers assistance and protection to persons affected by situations of violence, as well as to refugees, migrants and persons deprived of freedom; it works for the rights of the communities, people and nationalities; and, promotes the equity and not discrimination. Youth Programme Network services of blood Throughout the years the institution has realized a permanent labor in the promotion the voluntary, altruistic and repetitive donation of blood, and in the processing and delivery of it. Nowadays there are covered 70 % of the national demand, of which 82 % of the production is destined to the public sector and 18 % to the private sector. Organisational Development It is involved in the development of a body of management, formed by remunerated perso-nnel and that executes technically the decisions of the government of the institution. To guarantee a transparent entity, from the Administrative and Financial Management tools are facilitated for the internal development, across advising and technical support to the Territorial Network and he has suitable procedures of management.
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