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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Understanding you, Garri'ana People like you are quiet, serious, and conscientious.You typically think before you speak, and are pretty cautious about jumping into new experiences. Since you are so private, you rarely share your feelings or reactions with people you doesn't know well.You need a good deal of time alone and while you enjoy the company of a small group of close friends, you are rarely the one to initiate getting together. You are also selective about your interests, usually preferring to study things in depth or participate in physical or hands-on activities. You are careful with facts, money, and possessions,and you may have an excellent memory for details. Practical and realistic, people describe you as matter-of-fact, polite, and responsible.You are also a logical and organized person. Even in tense situations, you are usually able to remain calm and cool. Since you are most comfortable with a predictable routine and like to be prepared at all times, you don't usually like surprises or changes. You are skeptical about untested ideas and may get bored with too much theoretical discussion Because you have strong opinions, you may sometimes ac a bit controlling or inflexible. You like to be appreciated for your accomplishments, and may become angry when others make unfair or arbitrary decisions. Above all, you need to understand the logical reason for decisions since once you make up your mind, you may be reluctant to change it.Note: Based on our assessment, your personality type is "ISTJ." Your strengths may include: >Carefully and thoroughly researching school options.>Completing all requests for information carefully and accurately.>Patiently following instructions and guidelines.>Following through on all important details.>Making thoughtful, practical decisions.Your blind spots may include: >Not considering choices not thought of before.>Focusing too much on the present, and not anticipating future needs and desires.>Not presenting yourself as a well-rounded, multi-dimensional person.>Not being excited and enthusiastic in conversations.>Not keeping an open mind, and being willing to consider new ideas PERSONALITY TYPE PROJECT
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