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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Perse us Step 6:Tests,Allies and Enemies Martin Luther King Jr. vs Step 2: TheCall to Adventure Step 3: Refusal ofthe Call Step 4: Meetingwith the Mentor Elijah, Howard, fewwhites and all "Negros"were his allies.On the other handall other whiteswere his enemies. Persues slayesmedusa and goeshome. Born in Atlanta,Georgia, oldersister, youngerbrother. SweetAuburn neighborhood. Rosa Parks wasarrested and he waschosen as a leaderas a spokes man. Being and seeingAfrican Americandiscrimination, segregation, andinjustice. Howard Thurman; classmate, and ElijahMay; teacher andlifelong friend. Was born in theIsland Seriphos Athena and Hermesguide Perseus onslaying Medusa, givinghim properweapons. Step 1: The Worldof Common Day No allies just helpers: Athena,Hermes and the Graeae;helped find the Nymphs of theNorth. Enemies; Polydectes andfather (king Acrisius). Martin Luther King Jr. and Perseus are calledheroes. Being a hero takes many qualities like steps. Polydectes wantedto marry Danae. No refusal at all. Police arrests himon June 18, 1964.Meanwhile in jail he writesa letter and speech. Step 9: reward- SeizingPrize Step 7: Approachto the Inmost Cave Step 8: The SupremeOrdeal He faced the Graeae and he goes to face Medusa. Keeps head ofmedusa as a reward. Step 12: Return with Elixir- "Freedom to Live" Step 11: ThresholdCrossing-"Ressurection" Released from jailAugust 15, 1962 andgives his speech, "I Have A Dream". Step 10: The Road Back He is rewarded with the success of theboycott many followers,the unsegregated restaurants, restrooms,etc.. He is now known as a heroand as a dedication law wascreated of Martin Luther KingJr. day in the year 1983. His dream becomes true and his speech grows bigger. He is assassinatedon April 4, 1968. He goes home and turnsPolydectes into stone.Then marries Andromedia. Returns all tools andgives Athena Medusashead. Mother is left with noPolydectes bothering her. Meets Andromeda andhelps her from beingeaten, using his reward.
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