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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PLACES LIMITS ON POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS AND HOW THE MONEY IS BEING SPEND CONTROLLED BY IRC UNDER FEC campaign finances 527 is a group to primarly to influence the selection, nominatio, elections, appointment or defeat of candidates to public office Buckley v. Valeo is a landmark case that made SOFT MONEY possible to use to affect political elections due to the 1st amendment but can't have anything to do with candidate or political party BRCA 2002 made soft money not permitted in federal elections, money given to candidates or political parties increased the use of HARD MONEY which unlike soft money has limits SUPER PAC a committee which may raise unlimited amount of money but con not be directly contribute with any candidate SPEECHNOW. ORGV. FEC this court case makes individual donation unlimited to contribute to independent expenditures 527 is a group craeted to influence the slection, election, appointme ntof public office CITIZENS UNITED V. FEC extended the use of independen texpenditur esby a nonprofit organizatio nto corporation, unionlabors and other associations 527 is a grou pcre atedt oinfl uenc ethe selec tion, electi on,to publi coffic e SPEECH NOW.OR GV.FEC THIS MAKES INDIVID UALCON TRIBUTI ONTOEX PENDITU REUNLIM ITEDAS WELL FECA 1971 INDIVIDUAL EXPENDITUREan expenditures of a person or a group that support or clearly is oposed of a candidate but is not in cooperation with a candidates
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