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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are percentages, fractions and decimals? of currentcommitted relationships that began online EHARMONY.COM information courtesy 20MILLION 15MILLION How do you check percentages on a calculator? 100% female online dating users 50% Here are two examples of percentages WOMEN LIE MOST ABOUT: AGE PHYSICAL BUILD WEIGHT MEN LIE MOST ABOUT: What are percentages? Percentages are a way of checking your average in a test. AGE INCOME HEIGHT Average length of courtship for marriages 18.5 months 42 months that meet online that meet offline TOP ONLINE DATING SITES PERCENT TWENTY members step one: first you divide the top number by the bottom number step 2: times it by 100 and then you will get your answer Definition of percentages A number or rate that is expressed as a certain number of parts of something divided into 100 parts Double click to change text What are fractions? Fractions are for counting part of something. We use fractions everyday. Did you know... 1 - the top number of a fraction is called a numerator?2 - the bottom number of a fraction is called the denominator? Fractions are also a way to express decimals. For example .25 could also be expressed as 1/4, which is the same thing as 1 divided by 4, which equals 0.25. What are decimals? Decimals are parts of whole things. They are like little fractions but we write them in a different way. Decimal numbers have a decimal point. This separates the whole numbers (on the left) from the part numbers (on the right).
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