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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Illegal immigration increases crime. hi Thesis:Illegal Immigration does increase crime becausemost of them bring drugs tosell and people without good jobs or homes resort to crime. Illegal immigrants can and most will bring drugs into America. In2014 2.2 million kilograms of drugs were found from illegal immigrants. The top two found were crack and meth. Those two will get you addictedand can kill you after one try. 12 are found dead a day from those drugs from illegal immigrants. They also commit other crimes that also kill people. All the deaths they cause added up is 22000 people dead a year Illegal immigrants can commitcrimes for money or becausethey don't have good homes,education, or family. They aren'talways bad cause some want to stay "under the radar." They will try tocommit additional crimes, but coming to america without a green card to stayis already committing a crime. If they do get a job it is normally minimumwage. The jobs they get are normally at a fast food place. they dont makeenough for a home and food so theycan commit crimes. Most people that think that they aren't committing crimes, coming to america illegally or without a green card to stay is already committing a crime.Those people also think that the illegal immigrantswill try to become legal citizens but the illegalimmigrants don't know how or are afraid of being deported. Our opponents might also say that the illegal immigrants are scared of being found andbeing deported but they cant really be found unless they are caught there or are citizens. Since the illegal immigrants areincreasing crime it is time to reduce Illegal immigration by increasing boarder patrol and reduce the crime in America!
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