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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In Catalonia,the pumpkinseed isconsidered an invasive species. Pumpkinseeds typically live in warm, calm lakes, ponds, and pools of creeks and small rivers with plenty of vegetation. They prefer clear water where they can find shelter to hide. Habitat Pumpkinseeds feed on a varietyof small food both at thesurface of the water andat the bottom.Among their favorites areinsects, mosquito larvae,small molluscs and other crustaceans,worms, minnow fry,and even othersmaller pumpkinseeds. The pumpkinseed sunfish isa freshwater fish of the sunfish family. Dietary habits Dietary habits PUMPKINSEED -Fish live in water.-Fish have a backbone.-They're vertebrates.-Fish breathe using gills.-They absorb oxygenthrough their gills.-Fish have scales. FISH CHARACTERISTICS FISH CHARACTERISTICS It was introduced in Catalonia in the early twentieth century (1910-1913)in Lake Banyoles with other species.Pumpkinseed sunfish havebeen introduced throughout mostof North America. A voracious species is silent,damaging aquatic ecosystems,causing Serious disturbances inthe communities of fish, speciesof fish are presented to the UNinstead of the marine biomassdetermined by its native andendemic species depredation .
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