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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How can Peer Pressure benefit You down the Road... common beliefs about peerpressure 1.Peers are always negative2.Peers and Parents are enemies 3.All teens fall to peer pressure4.There is little parents can do about peer pressure Peer pressure often pulls kids in a positive direction, they feel obligated to do better in school, be athletic and act mature Truth Is.... Having friendship among peers buildsmany traits and bonds that will last a lifetime having peers committed to doing good in school, excelling in sports, trying to reach their goals,and who are loyal and kind, will influence you to build these qualities in yourself Peers give each other advice about things fromstyle to family matters and will tell you when something is a mistake Being in a peer group gives you a chance to expand your circle of friends, try new socialskills, and build relationships. There may bepeers you compete with, don't want to be like,or admire Peers help you experience new things, they get you involved in things you wouldn't do on your own. the world would be boring without peers to support and interest you Down the road.... People who experienced peer pressure at younger ages often turned out better then those who didn't. 1.They had better relationships with friends, parents, and in their love lives.2.Needing to fit in at a younger age later formed a willingness to accommodate. 3.Those who were worried everyone was watchingthem later gained a heightened sense of empathy and social adeptness.4.Being put in those situations at a young help kids develop negotiation skillsthat will help with h peers in the future. -Roberts article, Kvols, Jean. Peer pressure An often misunderstood concept. UMN.EDU. UOM, N.D, Web, 1/18/2013. article,Bronson, Po. Teens who feel more peer pressure turn out better, not worse The Daily Beast. Newsweek, Sep 23, 2009, web, 1/18/2013 article, Kowalski,Kathiann, How peer pressure can affect you NVCC.EDU, Weekly Ready coropoartion, September 1999, PDF, 1/18/2013 articles,, October 2012, web, October 2012.
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