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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infographic of the rights and freedoms of Canada April 17, 1982 is the day the charter of rightsand freedoms were created. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Prime Minister, and and the charter was a dream of his that came true: a charter that reinforced the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians. The Charter now provides us with all aspects that we need today.It is a simple yet effective guide line and it does more then we think.I believe it is a pillar, that holds the structure (Canada) together.Canada's original rights and freedoms was called, the British North America Act, was passed in 1867 by the British Parliament It is a guide line that we follow today.It provides things for us that we, don't know it does.And I believe a pillar that holds up the structure (Canada).Canada's original charter,called the British North America Act, was passed in 1867 by British Parliament. Its for our two official languages and it shows equality and equity forevery Canadian citizen.And it allows visitors to have have all the same rights except for two which you must be a citizen to have. Democratic and mobility rights. The Charter sets out the rights and freedoms that Canadians citizens believe areneeded in a free and democratic society.And the charter is well suited for today needs. Its used today in a court room,to provide us with rights.It also allows us to have and education,English or French.Its what makes a Canadian citizen.
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