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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PATRICK HENRY 1736 DURING REVOLUTIONARY WAR AFTER REVOLUTIONARY WAR ROMAN SALAS MADE BY POSITION 1799 - Patrick Henry was a lawyer in west Virginia.- Powerful speaker (liberty or death speech).- In 1764, Mr.Henry was elected to The House of Burgesses.- Speech against stamp act in 1765.- Elected to second Continental Congress in 1774 'till 1776.- Elected governor of Virginia in 1776 and stayed until 1779. He was not able to lead troops in the field, but supplied menfrom Virginia for George Washington's army.- Supported Colonial George Rogers Clark in winning theNorthwest territory. How can i help free America? - Elected governor of Virginia again in 1784, lead VirginiaReligious Freedom act of 1785.- Federalist.- 1794, retired and resumed private legal practice.- Was offered many important posts. Turned them downbecause of failing health.- Despite Mr. Henry's illness, George Washingtonpersuaded him to become a candidate for the state.legislator in 1779, but later died on June 6th of that same year. Patrick Henry is more than qualified to be a leader of America. He has been in government for years. He has been governor of Virginia for 13 years. He has also been elected to the House of Burgesses. Also he has been in the continental congress. This is more than needed to show Mr. Henry is right for president of America. He has made many speeches including the Give me liberty,or give me death speech, so this also shows he is good with words.
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