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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pathological Fears 1. Cibophobia is the fear of hatred or food2. Phobophobia fear of developing a phobia 3. Counterphobia fear of situations 4. Choronphobia fear of time passing by5. Acousticphobia fear of sound Top 5 phobias Winn-Dixie fear is ceraunophobia that is the name of the fear of thunder storms. Some other names for this fear is astrapophobia, brontophoiba, and keiaunophobia or tonitrophobia.The percentage of dogs that have this fear is any were from 15% to 30%. A excellent reason why dogs have this fear is they are afraid of general nosies. Some was to handle the dogs fear of thunderstorms is.1. Handle it early in the dogs life 2. Offer treats to the dog to make him feel no scared3. Let him hide when he gets scared4. Get the dog away from the nosies 5. Ask the vet if there is any drugs that can help the dogThose are some ways to help your dogs fear of thunderstorms The top 5 ways to handle the fear of thunder storms for your dogs is 1. Handle it early I the dogs life2. Offer treats to the dogs3. Let him hide when there is a storm4. Get him away from the noise5. Ask the doctor for any drugs that will help the dog And those are some steps the help you handle the fear of thunderstorms with your dogs Pathological fear is a fear of something or someone There is many different names for the fear but the top 3 other names for a pathological fear are 1. Madiciani 2. Pharmaceutical 3. Preventive
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