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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Global: Relating to the whole world.Global Citizenship: A feeling of responsibility, beyond a country's borders, toward humanity.Quality of Life: The sense of safety, comfort, security, health and happiness that a person has in his or her life.Resources: Useful or valuable possessions or qualities of a country, organization or person.Services: Work done for somebody else; Work done by somebody for somebody else as a job, duty or a favour. How do I "walk in another persons shoes" to better understand my role as a global citizen? How do I "walk in another persons shoes" to better understand my role as a global citizen? SOCIAL STUDIES GRADE: THREEUNIT TITLE: PASSPORT TO HUMANITY ENDURING UNDERSTANDINGS: Values and Attitudes Skills and Processes Knowledge and Understanding Please Note: In order for students to compare the rights, roles and responsibilities of Canadian and International citizens, it is essential that they first have an understanding of the elements that determine quality of life. General Outcome 3.1 has been included to further develop knowledge of 'quality of life'. KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS SKILLS - Students will explore their thinking through student-directed inquiry.-Students will make collective decisions and work together in problem solving.- Students will experience different perspectives through thinking critically. THINKING DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION: Students will have access to a wide variety of research resources and materials will be available in multiple modes.Specifically, audio/video resources and visual aids for those students that have difficulty with reading comprehension. Students will be assisted with time management strategies and scaffolding, as required for each task. Students of all levels will be supported through research checklists and project daily goals. Research groups will be pre-assigned to encompass a mixture of learning styles and abilities. This will allow for peer assisted learning; stronger students will enhance their own learning while discussing content and strategies with weaker students. - Understand the elements that defines quality of life and the diversity found in different countries around the globe.-Understand the rights, roles and responsibilities as a Canadian Citizen in comparison to other communities around the world.-Understand how individuals and organizations can contribute to positive change globally.3.2.2 *How are the right, responsibilities and roles of citizens in community around the world the same or different than those of Canadian citizens? (C, GC) *In what ways can individuals and groups contribute to positive change in the world? (ER, GC) *How do international organizations support communities in need throughout the world? (C, GC)3.1.2 *What determines quality of life? (CC) *How does access to public services affect the communities?(ER, GC, PADM) -Respect the equality of all human beings, both in daily interactions and in thinking about global citizenry.-Gain appreciation of how personal actions may affect others, even in other parts of the world.3.2.1 *Recognize how their actions might affect people elsewhere in the world and how the actions of others might affect them (C, GC) *Respect the equality of all human beings (C, GC, I)3.1.1 *Demonstrate an awareness of and interest in the beliefs, traditions and customs of groups and communities other than their own. 3.S.4, 3.S.5, 3.S.7, 3.S.8-Collaborate with others in problem solving, organization of information and presentation of original ideas.-Compare and contrast information, utilizing critical thinking strategies.-Utilize creative thinking processes to plan and create visual/verbal presentations. ESSENTIAL QUESTION:
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