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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DICKIES SS16 Dickies breakdown in terms of story . Things to look for Colour Pants BREAKDOWN Pants continue to do well and are a core strength. Dickies pants of course are based on the function of the cloth and detailing. A new Calabasas pant is added with new options in surf shorts and sports shorts. The onus must be on the functionand the new introduction of cut and sew and functionaldetails on shorts and tracksuit bottoms. The balance of the collection currently is veering towards the younger customer profile.The Urban sector is byfar the biggest section. Print has been carefully developedand sporting references nod to the SS16 Olympic Games andEuropean Championships in France. The dark topic theme and Hawaiian theme has ben incorporated to present more fashion forward pieces alongside core garments. It is paramount that agents think in terms of story. There are key pieces that the design team believe in that are not performing for whatever reason.It maybe that these pieces are not fully being articulated within the story. It is important that the story of each season does not get lost. Every collection will begin with a narrative and close with a narrative that the sales people must be able to translate. The story never moves from each piece . Each piece therefore must be looked at as to how they connect within the Workplace, Recreational Sport, Urban Spaces and Natural Spaces narratives.The collection can then be seen as a whole. Breakdown of colour throughthe whole collection Colour Mix 30% recreational sport Urban Natural White Pop Colours Black Print Work 30% 35% 20% 15% 20% 10% 25% 15% Story Breakdown * Hawaiin theme prints.* Increased use of print.* New technical fabrics.* Use of dryrelease on fabric.* Less of an over reliance on jersey.* New Short shapes.* Brilliant check bases in mixed weights.* Back prints.
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