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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE ACTIVITY PART TWO 1.) What did you discover as you moved through the space in the first two parts?2.) What did you observe while watching the other groups? 3.) In part four, how did the intangible things effect you? (Hope, love, fear etc)4.) What did you notice about other people's reations to these things? The group continues to walk about the space. At this point the leader starts to call out objects and themes. Upon hearing these, the students make a physical picture with their bodies. They do this by responding to their first impulse. After a beat, they continue to walk about. Repeat. The large group will sit outside the playing space. The leader will call out a broad theme. Each student will then enter the playing space and become part of the large picture describing that theme. Students may add to the theme whenever an impulse strikes them. PART ONE PART FOUR At this point, the large group will be divided into smaller groups. Each small group will be assigned an object. The students must then work together and use their bodies to create a picture of the object. They may also be asked to create a story in the form of three successive pictures, based on their object. PART THREE PART FIVE Follow Your Impulse A Walk in the Park Reflection Small Group Pictures Large Group Pictures The group begins by walking about the space. As they move among one another, the leader will describe the environment they are walking through. The group then adjusts their movement patterns to incorporate the imaginary and changing environment. A Walk in the Park STORYTELLING IDEAS Part Two: Objects and Themes*Tree *Rain*Chocolate *Winter*Monkey *Birthday*Ocean *Hope*Sun *Strength Part Three: Small Group Pictures*Car *Treasure*Boat *Secret Agent*Tree *Hero*House *Hidden Door*Flower Bouquet *Suprise Party Part Four: Large Group Pictures*Love *Seasons*Haunted House *Circus*Fire *Jungle*Rock Band *Superheroes*Fear *Alien Invasion
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