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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did the industrial improve the life of most people? Lincoln Abellanosa P. 4 The way they lived Their way of work Although the Industrial revolution was a great advantage in a city itselfit also affected the way people lived The Industrial revolution affected the waypeople lived in a bad way and somewhat ina good way. People who lived in the makingof the industrial revolution suffered really bad pollution and unsanitary living conditions.For example, the people who worked in factories lived with other people in a big house but with other people. The really badpollution affected people because it can damage your lungs and maybe even shortentheir life spans In life you have to get a job in order to survive. In the undustrial revoltion many factories were made because of the innovation the steam engine. Through the years people needed jobs so poor peopleworked at foctories. The factories werevery unsafe and unsanitary. Also, the waythey treated the workers was not good. Theowners gave them very low wages and worked more than half the day to support their families even the children had to getjobs which was very dangerous. "at Manchester a part of the population lives in damp cellars, hot, stinking and unhealthy; thirteen to fifteen individuals in one" (Document 4) In conclusion, I think that Industrial did not really improve peoples lives because all it did was give them work to do and a really bad enviornment such as an unsanitary workplaces/ living places, Also the smoke from the factories they were working in caused pollution. But in modern day the industrial is a good thing because of the inventions.
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