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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Milton Hershey Observing Networking Questioning Through networking, Hersheyfound a British importer of UScandy. This allowed Hersheyto build credit with the bank Association Hershey applied massproduction industrial techniques which allowedhim to sell cheap choco-late everywhere. The start of Miltons chocolatepath was when he attended theWorld's Columbian Exposition1893 in Chicago, an event thatchanged Milton Hershey's life. Although Milton's venturesfailed over and over, he succeeded by continuallynetworking and finding new investors to fund him Like many rural young people ofthe time, Milton was expected tohelp out on the family farm. Miltonquestioned his life and decided tojoin the confectionary business Hershey also questionedtraditional American waysof creating chocolate. Hecreated the perfect moldedchocolate bar, made withmilk chocolate. He observed the Germans way ofproducing chocolate, and ordered an entire assembly line of chocolate producing equipment. Experimenting Milton is best known for his lovein experimenting. He decided toadd milk in his chocolate. As a result, his chocolate was deliciousaffordable, and had a solid shelf life Milton decided to pursue his lovein chocolate. He sold his caramelcompany for $1 mil in order to fundhis goal. Before, chocolate was atreat for the rich, Milton's trick withindustrial production changed that.
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