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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children By Brittany Smith Paternity A paternity suit is action brought out by a woman that takes place in court to establish a man's fatherhood when the man denies being a child's father. If the man is proven to be a child's father,he may be forced to pay for the woman'spregnancy expenses and child suppport until thechild turns 18 years old. Support The parents' basic responsibilityis to support their children until they turn the age of 18. This meansthe must provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, andany other necessities. The law makesmothers and fathers equally responsible for supportingtheir children. Emancipation A parent's legal responsibility for their childrenends when their children become emancipated.Emacipation means that children are free from legal control/custody of their parents. Emacipation happens when a child reaches the age of 18, or when the child get married, joins the armed forces, or becomes self- supporting. Education A child who is truant missesschool without justification.Some parents would ratherschool their kids at home. Medical Care Parents are required to protect and supervisetheir child's health.They also have to providemedical and dental care. Care and Supervision Parents can decide what isbest for their children as longas they don't abuse or neglecttheir child. Discipline All Parents have different ways of disciplining their children. Some parents believe that hitting your kids when they do somethingwrong is the best way to punish them. Many other parents believe that verbally scoldinga child who has done wrong is the more effectiveway to teach a child not to do something. Child Abuse As everyone should know, injuring your child in any way, except for disciplinary reasons, it is considered child abuse.Child abuse may not always be physically assaulting your child , but also verbally abusing them, People shouldn't havechildren if they aren't going to treat them right. Many peopleadopt children just to collect money from the state and that poor child ends up getting abused.
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