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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapter 32: - Food, clothing, shelter,education, and medical care.*Changing law: mothers &fathers are equally responsiblefor child support. - Education: generally required7-16 yrs. old, free until 12th.1. Parents can be arrested or finedfor not sending child to schoolthus making them truant.- Medical care: medical & dental1. Can be charged with neglectfor ignoring a child's health.- Care and supervision: decision ofwhat is best for child avoiding neglect & abuse. Neglect & Abuse: Stats: Responsibilities b/w Support: FamilyResponsibility Laws: Neglect: failure to properly feed, clothe, shelter, educate,supervise, or tend to medical needs.- Both are included in the leading causes of child death in U.S.- Truancy and suicide attempts show emotional abuse.- Children who are abused are more likely to be abusive adults. - 85% of victims who break the law have been victims of abuse.- 3/4 of female runaways have been sexually abused.- There are at least 18 states with required laws to reportsuspicions of abuse.- Civil lawsuits can be considered if you report sexual abusewith no reasonable suspicion. Parents Children and parents and children: - Parents are responsible forthe following:- Provide necessities- Social/moral development-Behavior control Parental Responsibility for Children's Acts: (When aiding/encouraging improper conduct or not providing correct supervision,parents may be held legally responsible for children's acts.) Property damage, theft,and vandalism are all examples in which states would hold parents civilly liable. Crime termed: "Contributing to the delinquincy of a minor" ex) selling drugs.Parents are legally responsible for harm caused by their children today ($200-$50,000).Any damage caused by any driver in the family is the parents responsibility. Child Abuse and Neglect Child abuse- Any adult or older child purposely inflicting or threatening to inflict intentional emotional, physical, or sexual harm on a child. Sexual Abuse: - Child sexual abuse has increased.- ex of sexual contact) sexualfondling, child pornography, making or forcing a child to viewpornography. The abuser can be an older child, an adult, or even a parent. Sexual abuse is usually done by somebody the child knows andtrusts. Abusers will prevent the child from telling somebodyelse by threatening.
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