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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SUPPORTThe most basic responsibility of parents.meaning to provide the basic necesities. (food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care) PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHILDREN'S ACTSParents who fail to excercise proper supervision and controlover their children may be held legally responsible, eseciallyif they aid or encourage improperconduct (contrubuting to thedelinuency of a minor) EMANCIPATIONChildren are freefrom the legal control and custody of their parents. EDUCATIONStates generallyholds parents for their children's welfareand education. Generally required for children from ages 7-16A child who misses school without justification is considered a truant. EARNINGS &EMPLOYMENTParents have the legalright to take the earnings of their minor. CARE & SUPERVISIONParents may decide what is best for their childrenas long as they do notabuse or neglect their child DISCIPLINEchildren have a legal obligation to obey their parents and to follow reasonable rules. Children who continually disobey their parents orrun away from home may be charged as a status offender PATERNITYAction in court to establish his fatherhood,and force him to pay expenses FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY LAWSRequire adult children to care for elderly parents. PARENTS & CHILDREN Responsibility between parents and children MEDICAL CAREparents have a legalduty to protect andsupervise their children's health.
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