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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bounce Kevin " Paradox" Oelen Workshop24th November 2014Duration : 4 Hours BUILD UP BY BREAKING OFF Rock Groove - front- back- left- right - upward- downward - rotation Hip Hop Basic - groove Freestyle Basic - flow- isolation- concept- footwork- floorwork- acting- musicality Paradox Basic Training Method Shoulders Chest - vertical rotate clockwise- vertical rotate anti clockwise Knees Ankles Neck Waist - triangle shape- square shape- infinity shape- other shapes - horizontal rotate clockwise- horizontal rotate anti clockwise - front- back - left- right - up- down Neck Chest Waist Knees Ankles Shoulders Knees Waist Ankles Chest Neck Shoulders Waist Knees Chest Ankles Shoulders Chest Ankles Knees Waist Neck Knees Chest Waist Full Body Groove Seperate Body Groove - step from base- step away from base- switch legs step base- hop both legs- outward cross legs- inward cross legs Footwork Drills - lift up knee- lift up leg- kick- push- scoop- reverse scoop Legwork Drills - front - back- left- right- diagonal left- diagonal right - experiment- drill- freestyle Get new ideas and play around with it To find direction, destination and grow Repeat very specific moves, seperately - levels- angels- energy- musicality- passive active- leg 6 levels of height 360 degrees to explore To be expressed in movement size, speed and intensity Play around with the tempo1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 Freestyle Variation Repetitive movement according to the rhythm ( pace, bass, drum ) Continuous motion according to the melody and harmony Groove separationFlow separationAnimation Move within baseMove outside base Know the difference betweenmusicality and music memory Be yourself is crucial,expressing other characterscomes later
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