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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Both qualitative and quantitative data reflects the positive impact of buildon program has on student connection to school. This connection to school was also measured in the pre and post surveys where 84% Expanded Sense of Possibilities During focus groups, students frequently described new opportunities gained with buildOn participation. Making new friends was a new opportunity for students, as was exposure to new cultures and people different than themselves. The diversity of buildOn service activities provided students with opportunities for new learning, from artistic endeavors to working with children. Students indicated that they were more open-minded about trying new and unfamiliar things as a result of their positive experiences with buildOn. Feelings of community engagement and power of action engendered feelings of hope in students both for themselves and their communities. Students reported feeling more motivated to reach for higher personal goals. Service projects gave students a greater understanding of community needs and disparities. This knowledge enabled students to have a broader worldview and to see these needs as opportunities in which they could help. As one program participant remarked: "I probably would just miss the connections betweenpeople like she said, and also the lessons I have learned, I would have missed all of them.I realized how helpful they are, and without buildOn I probably would havenever encountered them, so I guess buildOn really uncovered that for me." buildOn Students believe that coming to buildOn make them feel better about their future 98% School partner believe that buildOn exposes students to new experiences 92% Through Trek for Knowledge, the experience of traveling to another country filled students with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Learning about different cultures gave students insight and new perspectives about the world. One student said that her Trek experience helped her to become a better person. Students said that they viewed Trek as an opportunity that they never had before. It enabled them to help make a difference in the world and improve peoples lives.Expanded worldviews and a greater understanding of their lives and cultures gave students the confidence to developideas about how they wanted to live their lives in the future. One particular student points out the magnitude of the change she experienced as a result of TREK. This larger than life opportunity gave students - some with limited resources to travel abroad an opportunity to reach outside of their borders and help the global community.Through involvement with buildOn, students have been provided with greater opportunities to gain and maintain a belief that they can make a differencein the world.
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