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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Both qualitative and quantitative data reflects the positive impact of buildon program has on student connection to school. This connection to school was also measured in the pre and post surveys where 84% Empowerment buildOns provides opportunities for students to improve their lives and their communities through service by showing them that they can choose the course of their own life .The t-test analysis of years of engagement with buildOn demonstrated that after just one year of participating in the service programs there was significant improvement in feeling hopeful about their future and their confidence in their ability to succeed in their life. As service hours increase among participating students and years involved in buildOn, t-test analysis showed that these feelings maintain along with being able to handle whatever comes their way. As one student expressed: buildOn has helped me speak my mind and communicate better with others. It has taught me to deal with situations Im not comfortable with. Students reported feelings of empowerment as a result of buildOn participation. A greater understanding of themselves and the world engendered feelings of increased personal power to make a positive impact in the world. Even small results, such as seeing someone smile, encouraged students. The most common service induced outcome identified by students in the surveys and focus groups was gaining a sense of personal effectiveness. Often this feeling of empowerment is coupled with a heightened sense of civic responsibility. Many students also experienced a change in behavior and an increase in self-esteem and self-worth as one student expressed: I had a great dislike of myself before I joined buildOn, but through hard work and perseverance I overcame those negative feelings. I am no longer in danger or in therapy because of the changes that buildOn has made in my life. Surveyed parents believe that buildOn emphasizes their child's self esteem 93% of school partners believe that buildOn develops students self-confidence and self esteem 92% Students reported feeling more present in their community, an increased sense of importance, and responsibility for making a difference in the world. The sense of pride and accomplishment resulted from participation in service projects. Feelings of doing good andhelping people elevated student's moods and reinforced their self-confidence, creating a foundation for positive self-esteem. Students reported feelings of pride and satisfaction after the completion of the project. Some students reported feeling depressed or on the wrong path before joining buildOn, and that participation helped them to change for the better. These feelings were reinforced when they received recognition for their actions from their communities and schools. At the buildOn Youth Engagement Zones an environment was created in which students felt encouraged and empowered to initiate positive change. Adult support and like-minded peers reinforced students feelings of empowerment during buildOn program activities. Working together helped students discover their collective voice and fostered feelings of strength, unity, and hope.
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