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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NAUSEA ANDVOMITING POISONING HEADACHE LACK OF APPETITE DIARRHOEA TIGHT CHEST A poison is any substance that is harmful to the body. Overdose of any substance can cause poisoning.Poisoning usually occurs due to the ingestion or contact of: - drugs (prescription/over the counter medicine or illegal drugs)- household products or pesticides- plants (poison ivy) or animal bites/stings Signs and symptoms of poisoning depends on the type of poison, the amount taken and the general health of the victim. BLURREDVISION THIRST RAPID HEART RATE PALENESS OR JAUNDICE RAPID HEART RATE SWEATING DROWSINESS ABDOMINAL PAIN - food (mushrooms, or contaminated food)- metals (lead, mercury)- chemicals or gases MILD TO MODERATE SYMPTOMS - Spilt drug/chemical containers- Unusual odours on breath of victim- Burns or redness on mouth or lips- Pain or rash at area of contact (poisoning by contact)- Difficulty breathing- Salivating profusely- Shivering or severe fever- Inability to breathe- Loss of consciousness- Severe fever- Loss of muscle control- Low blood pressure- Cardiac arrest OTHER SIGNS & SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: SEVERE SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: MANAGEMENT IN ALL CASES (ESP. UNCONSCIOUS) DRSABCD: SEEKING URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION IF SUBSTANCE UNKNOWN DON'T INDUCE VOMITING IF SUBSTANCE CORROSIVE OR ACIDIC DON'T INDUCE VOMITING, GIVE MILK OR WATER IF SUBSTANCE MEDICINAL OR GENERAL INDUCE VOMITING IF SWALLOWED IF INHALED IF ABSORBED WASH MOUTH AND CLOTHING AND NIL BY MOUTH IF POSSIBLE TAKE CASUALTY TO FRESH AIR (DO NOT ENDANGER YOURSELF) ASK CASUALTY TO REMOVE AFFECTED CLOTHING, WASH AREA WITH WATER (Poisons Information Centre- 13 11 26 for advice, but 000 in an emergency) "IN 2010, ACCIDENTALPOISONING ACCOUNTEDFOR 864 DEATHS IN AUSTRALIA" - ABS CHILDREN UNDER 5HAVE THE HIGHESTRISK OF ACCIDENTALPOISONING
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