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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VENN DIAGRAMS SHOW DYNAMIC INFORMATION AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT i lerned how to use a gps and how to work it well.i also lerned how to start tracking.i lerned how to geocachand it is really fun backpacking CONTENT i learned how to tie a lot of knots,some like the square,slip,and figure 8 knots.the best one i think if you are going climbing i would use the square knot.the skip knot is good for anything you want rope around. the figure 8 works well for like puting it around a boat clip FULL STARTHERE Outdoor living i learned how to make a pop can have to take two cans and have the bottom.put chalk in there and then poke holes in the bottom and but fuel in there and light it thats how you make a pop can stove. popcan stove i learned what to take backpacking the stuff i need not just the stuff i should have water and food put you should not have really have should not have a really heavy stuff beacuse it can be to heavy adn you will hut you back when you are caring it i learned about the wilderness and i found some really cool places to favorite is probably west elk because you can hike and fish .one kind of fish that would like to catch is the golden trout,they are really cool. wilderness knots gps i learned a lot of stuff this semester,all this stuff that i wrote are some of my favorite stuff that we learned. i learned how to tie a lot of different kinds of knots.i learned how to build fires cooking and just some to keep you warm.the pop can stove i can cook stuff off it now and i can do a lot of stuff now since i went into outdoor living.
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