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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ben & Charissa Our story Myth Busted A table for two It all started on a Friday evening in February 2010.We first met at a work party. May 2010 Since that first trip in May 2010we have travelled togerther to 17 countries across 4 continents with our 5th continent being added on our honeymoon to 'South Africa' Travel Together Apart From home cooking to Michelin stars Which we cherish... Memories created On July 17th 2015 we are getting married.We are very excited to start a new chapter of our journey together! And then we were back in Sintralike that very first holiday togetherOn a foggy morning Ben convinced Charissa it was worth hiking up the hill to this lovely Moorish castle ruins.This time Charissa was justified looking up against the exercise still recovering from a knee injury.How Ben organized it & kept it a secretCharissa still doesn't know,but there in the castle ruins Ben went on 1 knee and asked her that special question! 17 July 2015 Feb 2010 First meeting Can couples survive a trip to ikea? Yes we can :)!An urgent need for bookshelvesand wanting to spend time together we decided against our better judgement to visit Ikea on our 2nd date. First holiday Sharing a passion for travelling we decided to visit Portugal (Lisbon & Sintra) as it was one of Charissa's favorite travel destinations within Europe.Endless walks, nice foods & old castle walls... Since then Beginning of a new chapter The proposal A few words on something else that is really us: food.While Charissa loves to eat good food, Ben really is the foody from the two. Cooking delicious (experimental) meals from scratch andalways on the outlook for a great new restaurant,together we keep exploring new limits As much as we enjoy keeping each other company on a trip,we do have our 'me' time moments.What better than a hike up the mountains for Benor getting comfortable with a bookat the bottom reading while he is gone for Charissa Our Story What else we have in common The # of siblings and? Keeping busy # Countries travelled to
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