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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 cheat sheet for world war two Battle of bulge: last german offensize. Hitler then got kicked out of france.because of the battle the yalta confernce happened Double click to change text Allied Powers: Britain, US, U.S.S.R, France Axis Allience: Germany, Japan, Italy Tehran Conference: opened a 2 front war in Eroupe in Nov. 28-Dec. 1,1943 Invasion of Italy: September 1943, Involved Italy and the US Supreme Allied Commander General dwight (Ike) Eisenhower Yalta Conference (Feb.1945): Germans surrender, East europe gets free elections, United Nations and U.S.S.R enters pacific war The Battle of Berlin(April-May 1945), U.S.S.R captures Berlin, Hitler committes suicide Battle of Iwo Jima (February 23 1945): got closer to Japan to bomb Achuluss, Annexation of Austria (March 1938) Battle of Britain: Operation sea lion(summer 1940-41) Germany vs Britain Charles De Gualle: General from FranceDwight Eisenhower: President of US in 1953 Bernard Montgomery: British army officerDunkrik Evacuation: Germany forces capture the beach portEmperor Hirohito of JapanErwin Rommel: Officer commanding in Germany auschwits:concentration camp in Germany Bataan march US surrenders of the battaaon peninsula on a philipine island battle of coral sea -draw involved the japenese and us took over coral sea japan invaded port Moresby harry Truman 33rd us president Hiroshima us dropped atomic bombs on 2 Japanese cities Bernard Mongomery:british army officer Dunkirk Evacuation: german forces capture the beach port emperor Hirohito of japan Erwin Rommel: officer commanding in Germany Appeasment: giving in Blitzkrieg: all out surprise attack by Germany to poland George Patton: US Army general Douglas MacArthur: general and field marshal of the philipine army Winston Churchill: prime minister in united kingdomBattle of france: hitler attacked france Benito Mussolini: Italy Franklin D Roosevelt: political leader in the US Atlantic Charter: Decloration released by franklin D R . and Churchill in aug 14 1941 Pearl Harbor: December 7th 1941: Japan surprisingly attacks US naval base. US declares war on the empire of Japan Bataan March (April 1942): US vs Philippines on Luzon islandBattle of Coral Sea( May 7-8, 1942)-Draw- stopped Japanese expansion and invasion of austriaBattle of Midway(June 4-6,1942)-most significant war Appeasement: policy of giving inAryan:weren't white,white people,blonde hair,blue eyes superior Operation downfall: taking japan down, Truman threatens japanManhattan project: Atomic bomb-Hiroshme(Aug 9)Little boy-3 days laterFatmanv-J day(Aug. 14,1945)-stop fightingJapan surrenders to General MacAurthur on(sept 1945)
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