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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MAIN OP ARTINFORMATION MoreVasarelyworks water MY ARTWORKS Its goal was to create a illusion of depth and movement on anflat 2D surface victor vasarely(Father of OP) Op Art 1964 - 2014 OP ART TIME PERIOD /MAIN COUNTRY 1964 - 2014+UNITED STATES WHAT WAS IT ABOUT? was influenced by the constructivismmovement due to its idea ofautonomous art (means individual artstyle) Due to the original idea ofseparation of art from traditionalperspective that began with Cezannein late 19th Century, abstract andexpressionist movements; whichde-emphasized representational subject matter. MAIN INFLUENCE(S) WHAT INFLUENCED photorealism,installation art,neo-expressionism,and digital art what it infleunced allowed the idea of kineticmovement to be made withcontrast on static surface Formalist - the useof elements andprinciples of design life span - - - April 9, 1906 - - March 15, 1997born in - - - Hungaryschooling - - - Trained as an artist in Budapest in the Budapest traditionteachers - - - Constructivism movement. No actual artist influenced him signature style - - - geometric abstractionistlife events - - - Trained as an artist in Budapest in the Budapest traditioncontributions - - - Was a leading figure in the movement. known as the father of op art vasarely's artwork ART PHILOSOPHY ripples through light come up with a title for each piece.
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