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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 55% 80% 26% 10% 100% double click to change this title text! How to do it? Starting strong 1) set goals and expectations: in terms of what each personwants to get out of the meetups in terms of training orpastoral care. This can rangefrom abstract goals which youas the trainer need to makemore specific goals anddirections. Also pray through these goals and expectations together. 2) Always include pastoralcare into your meet up even if they dont ask it. E.g. there will always be a time to pray for each other and time to talk about how each person is going with God etc. 3) If you are out of ideas on what to do formeet ups it can range from structured to informal content such as: Reading articles from the gospel coalitionor together and discussingthe implication. Recommend for training purposes like youth group leader trainingThere is also training material on pastoral care and other topics on site below Your first meet up is usuallyshort but the main things is to start modelling what yourtime will look like, brainstormgoals and expectation andclear tangible goals at the end of each meet up Books in the bible like any of the gospels or letters e.g. Romans or John. You can read one chapter or parts of a chapter at a time and use the SWISS method or Rogue methodtogether e.g. reading the passage thinking about what was interesting or questions, what are the sub-ideasare in the passage and what is the main idea and application for those original audience andfor us now (in the interim of past the death and resurrection of Jesus and before his return) Reading good books such as Gods big picture, just for starters or disciples of a Godly woman which usually have a student guide full of questions. You can aim to read the chapter in your own time and come back to meet and go through the questionsor discuss the content and how it applies to us. Recommended if this your first time doing 1 to 1 discipleship. When thinking about askinggood questions or application,it's good to touch on thefollowing areas: 1.head (christ-shaped thinking and understanding) 2. heart (Christ-shaped attitudes and beliefs), 3.hands (Christ-shaped actions and behaviour).e.g. spiritual life, family/relationships, ministry, future plans. Things to watch out for: 1. You are not their spiritual guru: we want to model the christian lifeand let them be dependant on God alone2. Progress not problemsmeetups should not be problem saturatedor centred, start with prayer andintended content before talkingabout how each other is going3. You have limits: if you can'thandle particular issues, referthem to professionals or pastors Piece of cake? Have a goyourself at 1 to 1 discipleship I'm really stuck or have more questions email me at
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