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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 51.7% 39% 9.2% MY BODY = MY RIGHTS In Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, we are campaigning to reform laws that allow rapists to avoid prosecutionby marrying their victims In Nepal, gender discrimination has led to a high prevalence of uterine prolapse, a debilitating yet preventable medical condition Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights, and must not be denied. Our campaign goals come out of our areas of focusand the country campaigns we are working on Mission Statement: My Body My Rights is a global campaign to stop the control and criminalization of sexual and reproduction rights. In El Salvador abortion is illegal under all circumstances. Womencan be accused of having anillegal abortion and jailed because they miscarried. We are arguing that the total ban on abortion is itself a form of state violence. MY BODY MY RIGHTS CAMPAIGN GOALS We all have the right to make decisions about our body, health, sexual life and identity without fear, coercion or discrimination. This right is enshrined in international human rights standards. But all over the world, people are persecuted for making these decisions, or prevented from making them in the first place. Abortion Discriminatory laws in the Maghreb Access to sexual and reproductive rights health services To end these human rights violations the My Body My Rights campaign is working in five regions of the world. Our issues of focus for the campaign are: 1. Abortion2. Discriminatory Laws3. Access to sexual and reproductive rights health services Ireland: In Ireland, abortion is illegal unless there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the woman,we are working to consolidate public and politicalsupport for the decriminalization of abortion in the country In Burkina Faso medical workers candeny women contraceptives unless they have their husbands permission. We are campaigning to remove discriminatory attitudes and financial barriersthat block women and girls accessto contraception and family planning. 1. Repeal the protection of life act 2013 and the information act. 2. Change attitudes 1. In Algeria and Tunisia repeal the discriminatory laws that allow rapists to escape prosecution by marrying their victims 1. Establish a health protocol to protect medical health professionals 2. Free all women currently imprisoned on "abortion related crimes" 2. In Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco support the new draft laws to strengthen protection of women against violence 1. Change attitudes of men and boys. 2. Ensure access to contraception El Salvador Burkina Faso Nepal
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