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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Once upon a time... Important facts about Letter and Football Always is good increase our vocabulary Here some new words to learn A colorless gas with a characteristic smell. It dissolves in water to give a strongly alkaline solution. A way to preserve certain products such as animal skin, meat or fish. AMMONIA CURE A team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a grid. FOOTBALL The team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring DEFENSE The team that has the ball and is tryingto score. OFFENSE A travel through the time Football Letter A travel through the time Leather is made from the skins of animals. Youcan make leather out of the skin of any animal. Cows have the thickest skins to make the strongest leather. After scraping the leather with a bone or a stone, some people would use urine (you know, pee!) as a chemical called ammonia to cure the skinand turn it into leather. It is also possible to cure the leather by smoking it, and drying out the skin into leather by dehydration and salt. Leather can be used to make clothes, shoes, chairs, couches footballs and more! Formed in the late 1800s at college campuses. 1869 Rutgers and Princeton played a college football game on November 6th. 1876 The first rules for football were written by Walter Camp, the father of American football 1893 the first pro football contract was signed by Grant Dibert The early form of football was so violent that many players actually ended up dying every year. The NFL was formed in 1921 and became a major professional league by the 50s. 1898 a touchdown was changed from 4 pints to 5 1904 a field goal was changed from 5 points to 4 1909 a field goal changed from 4 points to 3 1912 a touchdown changed from 5 points to 6 1941 Elmer Layden was named the first Commissioner of the NFL 1948 Officials were equipped with whistles instead of horns 1966 The first Superbowl Scoring in Football Touchdown scored when a player gets to theend zone and is worth 6 points. Extra point made when the scoring team can be made when the scoring team kicks the ball through the goalpost after a touchdown. Two-Point Conversion made when the scoring team can run/pass the football into the end zonefor 2 extra points. Field Goal is made when the team kicks he football through the goal post for 3 points. Safety is made when the defense tackles an offensive player with the football in their ownend zone and is worth 1 point.
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