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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oncology Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with tumors. Its an oncologists job to follow up with the cancer patient after successful treatment and or non successful treatments Average money per year in the U.S. nation is $137,980 Average hourly pay is $66.33 In order to be an oncologist you have to go through a lot of college and additional training. Oncology programs can usually be found at most university medical schools and lead to a Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Physiology. Oncology is concerned with the diagnosis of cancer in a person (pathology), therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery You need a bachelor's degree. medical complete first 4 yearsgraduating with a M.D degreemedical residency program2-4 yearsdecide what kindof oncology field you want to work in College classes need to include a lot of science,chemistry, biologyenhance knowledge on medical fieldalso can bean oncologist nurse chemotherapy and other treatmentsphysical conditions, and prescribe medications Grammy passed away when I was young I don't want others to have to go through such a tragedy even though people do, I want to help and be a leader. I want to prevent it from happening. Whether cancer beats them or they beat cancer the doctor treating them is a hero and the patient is a fighter. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Stanford University California Duke University Durham, NC Washington UniversitySt.Louis, MO
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