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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OmNom - 5 CHAKRAS(Five lentils infused with smokey flavour)- MOUNTAIN YOGI(Split lentil & black lentil with secret eastern spices)- RED ZEN(Chana daal with coconut & dry roasted chilli)- SOUL FOOD(Sweet & sour daal cooked with tamarinds & jagry)- MONKS POT(Moong beans cooked in clay pots with mustard seeds) DAALS & BREADS (1) Unleaved Baked Bread (2) Hearty Wholemeal Bread (3) Spicy Herb Infused Naan (4) Spelt Indian Flatbread MAINS SUPER SALADS WRAPS SNACKS - FRESH POTATO CHIPS(Cut, spiced & pan-fried)- CRISPY KALE CHIPS(Freshly made & lightly salted)- LENTIL HUMMOUS & DIP BREADS(Gently seasoned hummous & breads)- MEXICAN BEAN BAKED NACHOS(Bed of nachos with bean & salsa)- DAAL DRUMSTICKS(Blended daals coated in breadcrumbs) - GRAINS(Tasty high fiber salad)- LEAFY GREENS(Crispy and crunchy healthy salad)- RAW(Kind to the body raw food salad)- HEARTY VEGGIES(Succulent and filling vegetable salad)- SUPERFOODS(Exotic superfood salad)- SEA VEGGIES(Delicious sea vegetable & greens salad) DESSERTS enlightened eating - RAW CHOCOLATE CAKE- CAKE OF THE DAY- CHEESE CAKE- BERRY BANANA PARFAIT- RAW ICE CREAM (seasonal)- VANILLA CHIA PUDDING ConsciousEating - QUINOA WRAP(Spicy lentil with tahini dressing)- MILLET & ROSEMARY WRAP(Turtle bean with creamy dressing)- CORN WARP(Halloumi & vegetable & tangy sauce)- WHOLEGRAIN WRAP(Mexican Bean combo & salsa) - TRIPLE LENTIL BURGER(High protein spiced lentil burger in a bun)- LENTIL ROSOTTO(Lentil rosotto sprinkled with cumin dust)- LENTIL PASTA(Lentil & arugula wholemeal pasta)- CHEF'S SPECIAL(Chef's inspiration changed weekly)
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