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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 MARCH 1992KOZLU ZONGULDAK MINE ACCIDENT 3 MARCH 1992KOZLU ZONGULDAK MINE ACCIDENT METANE+AIR=FIREDAMP=DEATH OMISSIONS-Defective design and layout of the mine-Absence of breathing mask for workers-Absence of enough technical craft-Lack of organisational hierarchy 263 DEATH 147 LOST59 INJURED Administration said "FIRE CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED" and mine was CLOSED with WORKERS inside Found a rag writes on "YOU LEFT US DEAD" "HUNGER is WORSE than DEATH" The government could not organise a burial due to scare of public. (Ali Öz /Photo journalist) Kozlu mine wanted be immediately to be denationalised There was a drive for relief funds and it was distributed families of the matyries but HOW MUCH?WHAT IS THE PRICE OF THEIR LOST WHO LOVE? Life comes to the miners out of their deaths, and death out of their livesMary Harris Jones The Kozlu Mine that has eighty kilometer long adit located in Zonguldak, Turkey. There was lots offatal accident in the long history of the mine, but the accident which occurred on 3 March , 1992was biggest in the history of mine accidents in Turkey.The mine was the employer of approximately 5020 worker. On the day of the accident workers wasworked on a new technique in order to explode the coal under the supervision of Hungarianengineers Suddenly everywhere covered by smoke , even was could not see each other. We wasdragged 5 to 10 meter Everyone tried to understand the reason of the explosion . This sentencestell the firs moments of the accidents belongs to a mine worker. Rescue efforts began just offer the explosion and took until 5 March, 1992 . 78 injured was rescuedin the first two days of the effort and 115 death was removed from the mine . The reasons of thedeath of workers were poisoning and burning. Because of the fire in the mine, rescue efforts wasinterrupted when be ensured that there was no injured worker in the mine.After grizu explosion, Tansu Çiller who was president said that Peugeot fabric will open inZonguldak and 4 thousand people will be able to work there. Worker said that unemployment inZonguldak cannot solve with one fabric because 22 thousand worker unemployment and this fabriccannot be built until 10 years. This problem cannot solve.
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