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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Health Late Age Stagesin Old Age vs. Profiles of Old Age Milestones Young adulthood 20-40 years old Old Age and Late age Stages Statistical Milestones about per deal Middle adulthood 40 -60 years old 4,000 Late Adulthoodage 60 until death 30 billion 7.5m Late adulthood is the time of adjusting to retirement and decreasing strength and health as well as acclimating to new social roles and reviewing one's life 60,000 Medical Development at Late ages 1. helping stimulate growth 2. Phases of Adulthood Depression is one of the more common problems characterized by intense sadness and hopelessness in old age. It may be a result of cumulative losses in life, and show more frequent in women at age 50- 60 then in men age 60-80, but depression increases in men at an alarming rate at that age. 2 Progressive irresversible brain disorder a progressive loss of intellectual functioning Dementia Parkinson Disease Alzheimer Disease 1 Integrity vs DespairIncomeEducationBalancing Personal LifeGrandchildrenSatisfaction of personal goals *resources - Late adulthood is generally considered to begin at around age 65, it is important to find meaning during this and stage. In this stage intellectual development is vital, because getting older causes memory lapses and aging adults to start slowing down cognitively. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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