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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Executive Legislative Judicial double click to change this title text! Ohio's Government Judicial Branch Executive Branch Legislative Branch Senate and House of Representatives Total of 33 members.Able to serve for life term, but must be elected every 6 years Total of 99 members.2 year term.Can serve for 4 terms Includes the,Ohio Supreme Court,Court of Appeals, andCourt of Common Pleas Court of Common Pleas Court of Common Appeals Ohio Supreme Court Includes the,Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer of State, andAuditor of State Lieutenant Governor- Second highest official. Attends meetings for Governor when they are not present."Vice Governor" Secretary of State-Chief election officer for the state. Attorney General-Ohio's Chief law enforcement officer Treasurer of State-Collects and guards taxes.Manages state investments. Auditor of State-They are responsiblefor auditing all public offices in Ohio. Governor- The chief administrator. Proposes thestate budget, and signs or vetoes new laws for the state. John Kasich, Ohio's Governor Ohio General Assembly Maureen O'Connor, Chief Justice Cliff Rosenberger,Speaker of the House Keith Faber, Presidentof the Senate Separation of PowersThis is shown by havingthree branches which are Judicial, Executive, andLegislative. They all have differentduties, one makes laws, one enforces laws, and one makes sure we obey 'those laws. They all have their ownseparate power our government. Popular Sovereignty This is shown in Ohio because we are allowed to protest against something that we feel is not rightregarding us citizens or our community. Principles in Ohio Representative GovernmentWe have representatives inwhich we elect to listen toour concerns about the government and make decisions based on what we tell them. The Ohio Government balances my personal freedoms with order in our community by following the many statements mentioned in the constitution. The Bill of Rights is strongly followed in Ohio. For example, police officers are unable to search things like my home, car, locker, or cell phone withouta warrant. If they abuse that right I can take it to court and definethem guilty. Therefore the Ohio Government balances my personal freedoms with order in my community by following the constitution.
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